SQ Pow!

  • Week 4 - Puzzle: The Skeleton

    Students at the Silverquicken School love solving puzzles, including this strange new type of puzzle called Nonogram or Picross. Click on the video to learn more, and click "Read More" to download this week's SQ Pow! and start working on it!

  • Week 3 - Puzzle: The Missing Portrait

    Last week as you walked through the Silverquicken Library's portrait gallery to get to the Armory, did you notice that one of the portraits was missing? Someone has taken the picture out, and the only clue to whose face should be there is in an engraving on the frame. Check out the video to learn more or click "Read More" to download the 1-page puzzle and find The Missing Portrait.

  • Week 2 - Puzzle: A Long Combination

    Watch as Chris introduces a new puzzle -- one that will help us further defend the Silverquicken School! Click "Read More" to learn about this puzzle, and to download it so you can get to work!

  • Week 1 - Puzzle: The Writing on the Wall

    You walk into the Silverquicken School library and find a strange-looking cipher on the wall. The school librarian, Wollister D. Jenkins, says it has something to do with the school's defenses, but can't say more... Can you help solve this puzzle? Click on it to learn more and download your own copy!