SQ Pow!

  • Week 15 - Puzzle: The Initial Idea

    Do you remember the Nonogram (or Picross) puzzle we learned about at the beginning of the summer? If not, we're excited to introduce you to them this week! These are fun puzzles that reveal hidden pictures or messages when you crack the code and shade in the specific cells that the numbers are suggesting. So how do you figure out what those numbers mean? Read more to learn about these puzzles, or click and download the puzzle and instructions here!

    Have fun!


  • Week 14 - Puzzle: Convexing Creations

    The end of summer means back to school and back to sports--in real life AND in the fictional world of the Silverquicken School! Kids there enjoy a special sport called "Water Falcon", which is played on a star-shaped field under very strange conditions...

    Watch as one of our instructors, Andrea, tells about a puzzle the students encounter on the Water Falcon field. Can you help solve this Convexing Creation? Read more to download and print a copy you can work on at home!

  • Week 13 - Puzzle: The Lost Building

    It's back-to-school time for the Silverquicken students! They get their class schedules and map of the campus, but their next class is in a building that doesn't seem to be on the map. Can you figure out what The Lost Building looks like and help them get to class?

  • Week 12 - Puzzle: Mind Over Matter

    Upon arriving at the stables to practice their riding skills, the Silverquicken students find this message scrawled in glowing ink above the stable door. It looks like it was put there just today, as if someone KNEW that certain students were intimidated by riding horses and other mounts... but what does it say, and who said it?

  • Week 11 - Puzzle: A Colorful Solution

    This year at the Silverquicken School's annual Day of Puzzles, some of the students are stumped by a new type of puzzle they've never seen before. Watch and see if you can solve this puzzle!

  • Week 10 - Puzzle: The Founder's Truth

    Have you ever wondered who founded the (fictional!) Siverquicken School? Try this week's puzzle to find out! Watch the video for more information or click "Read More" to download and print a version of the puzzle that you can solve on your own!

  • Week 9 - Puzzle: The Four Pets

    Some of the Silverquicken students have become separated from their pets. Can you help them find them? Click "Read More" to download and print some clues that will help you match each student with their pet!

  • Week 8 Puzzle: The Scrambled Squares

    Meet Sam, one of our Silverquicken teachers (or "mentors", as they're called in our story). She comes to us with a new kind of puzzle this week called The Scrambled Squares! Watch the video or click "Read More" to see if you can help the Silverquicken students solve this puzzle!

  • Week 7 - Puzzle: Snakes & Numbers

    Eager to check on their Amorpheggs, the Silverquicken students arrive at the school and head down to the stabes. When they get there, they discover that a new lock has been placed on the lockers where the eggs have been stored. They don't have the letter combination, and no one else is around. The only clue they see is a strange note and 6-digit number. Can you help them convert the numbers to the correct letter combination? Check out the video to learn more!

  • Week 6 - Puzzle: The Puzzle of Disorientation

    One of the students in the fictional Silverquicken School receives a mysterious postcard in the mail. Can you help Sofia figure out what it means? Click the video or "Read More" below to learn more!

  • Week 5 - Puzzle: The Creased Parchment

    One of the Silverquicken students finds a strange thin piece of parchment in Library Wollister's office, and she wonders what it is... Why is it creased? Why are the letters facing different directions? What could it mean? 

    Can you figure out the riddle of The Creased Parchment? Watch the video and click "Read More" to download your own copy of the puzzle!

  • Week 4 - Puzzle: The Skeleton

    Students at the Silverquicken School love solving puzzles, including this strange new type of puzzle called Nonogram or Picross. Click on the video to learn more, and click "Read More" to download this week's SQ Pow! and start working on it!