Week 2 - Puzzle: A Long Combination

Last week we encountered one of the defenses of the Silverquicken School--a secret code you must speak. (We won't say more here lest we spoil it for someone who hasn't done the Week 1 puzzle yet!)

Another part of the school defenses is the armory, where special armor is kept. To get into the armory, you need to put a super long combination (24 separate numbers!) into a combination safe lock. This long combination is really difficult to remember unless you figure out the pattern -- because there IS a pattern to the 24 numbers. Can you figure out the pattern? Watch Chris as he shows you how this puzzle works, and then see if you can solve it to help defend the school!

You can download and print the puzzle here. For puzzles like this, it may be easier to work them with a pencil and paper than on the screen... but it's up to you!

If you get stuck, don't worry! We'll post a hint on Saturday, and you can always email puzzle@silverquicken.com if you have questions!

Happy solving!

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