Week 1 - Puzzle: The Writing on the Wall

You walk into the Silverquicken School library and find this strange-looking cipher on the wall next to a book shelf:


The school librarian, Wollister D. Jenkins, says it has something to do with the school's defenses, but he won't say anything more. Sounds important, but we need your assistance! Download the puzzle, print it out, and help figure out what The Writing on the Wall is!

Watch this video to hear a little more about the puzzle:

We'll post a hint on Saturday, in case you need a little support for this one. (And that's OK--all good puzzlers need support sometimes. It's the way we learn!) Then we'll post the solution next Wednesday.

Send your solution to puzzle@silverquicken.com and don't forget to subscribe to be notified about each week's new puzzle!

Happy solving!

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