Week 10 - Solution: The Founder's Truth

The puzzling brothers, BJK GOAT and JoKer, work together to figure out The Founder's Truth. They start by noticing things... there are two sets of lines, both with tick marks above and below the lines. They realize there are 26 lines in each set... what else are there 26 of? Letters of the alphabet! It takes a couple of tries, but they soon figure out what The Founder's Truth is. Do you know?

If you don't have 6 minutes to watch their discovery, you can get the answer here:

Did you realize the founder of the (fictional!) Silverquicken School is Benjamin Franklin? You may have already known that from our logo, where it says "Benjamin Franklin, Vivifier". (A vivifier is someone who brings something to life, which is what Ben Franklin did to Silverquicken, so the story goes...)

Hope you enjoyed this puzzle! See you tomorrow for a new one!

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