Week 11 - Solution: A Colorful Solution

BJK GOAT realized pretty quickly (after listening to Jonathan's hints!) that the title of this puzzle would have something to do with its solution because he noticed right away that at least one of the words in the box connected with one of the words above to spell the color "purple"! But then he had to think about how the other words connected and what colors they spelled. Watch as he works through the solution of A Colorful Solution. What is the final answer? And keep reading below to find out more about this type of puzzle. 

And here's the solution in case you don't want to watch the whole video...


This puzzle is a type of Acrostic, a poetic form in which the first letters of the various words combine to spell a new word or phrase... here it spells "RAINBOWS" (which is A Colorful Solution, of course!), but this form of puzzle has been used throughout history to encode a secret message into longer text. Maybe you could try writing your own hidden Acrostic! (And if you do, please send it to us at puzzle@silverquicken.com.)

Thanks for puzzling with us, and see you tomorrow for another puzzle!

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