Week 12 - Solution: Mind Over Matter

At first BJK GOAT thought this might be a cipher, but he couldn't figure out what kind of cipher it might be. Then he watched Sam's teacher hint and started with the small words... Could "SI" be "IS"? Could "FO" be "OF" and "TI" be "IT"? Hmmm... maybe this is a word scramble!

Watch as our resident puzzle solver tackles each word--some of them by puzzling them out, and some by context (once he has a bit more solved).

Or if you want to see the solution straight away, you can click and download the PDF here:

Do you think this inspiring quote helped the Silverquicken students become less scared of riding their mounts? We hope it helps you next time you're feeling fearful and need a little courage!

Let us know how you like these puzzles (puzzle@silverquicken.com) and we hope to see you back tomorrow for a new one!

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