Week 13 - Solution: The Lost Building

How did you like this new kind of puzzle? Want to know something interesting? It's actually a very old and famous type of number puzzle from China, called Lo Shu (or Luo Shu). There's a Chinese legend, dating back as far as 650 B.C.E, that tells of a great deluge. In order to prevent further flooding, people offered sacrifices to the god of one of the flooding rivers, the Luo river, to try and calm his anger. A magical turtle emerged from the water with a strange pattern on its shell: circular dots representing integers 1 through 9, as you see arranged in this week's puzzle. The puzzle is sometimes referred to as the "River Map" or "Magic Square". 

So, if you want to see the solution, you can either watch BJK GOAT solve it in the video, or click to download/print it here:

Here's the video again:

Hope to see you for next week's puzzle!

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