Week 14 - Puzzle: Convexing Creations

One of the games that students play in the Silverquicken world is called "Water Falcon". It's played just like Rock-Paper-Scissors, but with two more moves: Water and Falcon. Oh yeah, and it's played on a star-shaped field where students actually BECOME these 5 positions. Oh, and in thunderstorms. With extra gravity. Mysterious? Dangerous? Yes and yes. But they love it.

Today as they head down to the field, they notice some new fields with slightly different shaped stars. They notice that one of these fields is missing a number marker. Can you figure out what number is missing from the orange field?

Click here to print out the puzzle and solve it on paper:

And here's one of our instructors, Andrea, to introduce the puzzle in a video!

Come back on Saturday for a hint, or email us at puzzle@silverquicken.com if you solve the puzzle before then! Good luck and happy puzzling!

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