Week 14 - Solution: Convexing Creations

BJK GOAT needs some help with this puzzle, so he invites JoKer back to SQ Pow! Together they wonder about this strange puzzle, Convexing Creations. Having both read the Silverquicken Mysteries, they know about the game Water Falcon, but they've never seen these strange number markings on any of the fields. What could they mean? And what is missing?

You'll see that they begin by noticing things about the numbers. They notice there are two sets of numbers: those on the inside angles of each star, and those on the points of each star. They begin to wonder if there's some correspondence between those numbers, but on the surface it doesn't seem like it... But then BJK GOAT suggests maybe they could add the numbers, and JoKer quickly realizes that in both of the complete stars, the sum of the point numbers is 5 times the sum of the inside angle numbers! Hmmm... applying that same formula to the orange star, they find the answer, which you can see below:

Click on the video if you want to see them puzzle it out!

They also realized that the multiplier here (5) is the number of moves in the game Water Falcon. (And if you're curious about this strange and mysterious-sounding game, you may want to take one of our courses, which you can find here: https://www.silverquicken.com/collections/silverquicken-course-1-a-school-of-mysteries

We hope you've enjoyed this puzzle, and we'll see you soon!

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