Week 15 - Puzzle: The Initial Idea

If you've been with us since the beginning of SQ Pow!, you might remember that back in the summer, we introduced a type of puzzle called a Nonogram or Picross. In this type of puzzle, you look at the values on the outside of the grid to determine the number of consecutive cells in that row or column that should be shaded in. When there's more than one number in the outside, that means multiple groupings of cells with at least one space in between.

This week's SQ Pow! is another Nonogram. Can you solve it to figure out The Initial Idea behind Silverquicken? Click to download and print both a copy of the puzzle and a few reminders about how to solve this kind of puzzle. Email us at puzzle@silverquicken.com with your solution, or come back on Saturday for a hint!

See you soon, and happy solving!

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