Week 15 - Solution: The Initial Idea

Did you notice anything interesting about this puzzle? There are a lot of numbers, so it may have seemed intimidating at first, but when you stopped to look, what did you see? In the hint, we said to start with the things you KNOW for sure. For example, you may have noticed that there were 18 boxes, or cells, across and 18 cells down. So when the number to shade was 18, it must be that in those cases, every cell would be shaded in. What about when the numbers in a given row or column added up to 17? In those cases, it must mean that every cell except the one in between the two numbers would be shaded in! 

It's also important not to get too stuck on solving ALL the rows or ALL the columns, because you will get stuck. Rather, try alternating between rows and columns and see if you can make some headway like that.

So if you're ready, click the image below to reveal the solution to this week's puzzle and learn what The Initial Idea is...

See you next time!

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