Week 17 - Hint: Believe

One big hint for today's puzzle: It is, indeed, a Caesarian cipher! 

(That's a cipher named after Julius Caesar, and it involves a shift of the alphabet which you can figure out with a classic cipher wheel.) You'll still have to figure out how many letters to shift, but once you find a couple of letters, you'll easily get the rest with your cipher wheel.

If you don't have a cipher wheel, no worries! There are lots of tips for figuring out these kinds of ciphers. And these tips are great for ALL ciphers, not just Caesarian ones.

As always, what do you see? What does that make you wonder? For example, do you see any small words that seem to repeat themselves? Does that make you wonder if those might be common English words? Do you see a contraction? What letter(s) could come after an apostrophe? 

Then, pretend your guess, or whatever you're wondering, is true. Test it out! If "ftq" really is "the", what does that mean? Can you figure out other words that share those letters?

Download and print the hint page and see if you can fill in the plain text alphabet from the clues you see. Have fun!

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