Week 19 - Puzzle: Power Up! (Puzzle 1 of 4 in this series)

So while Merneith begins to search the code, she realizes that – most unfortunate for October – the Leaf Color Changing machine seems to be broken as well! She doesn’t have time to troubleshoot the larger Weather server and the Leaf Color Changing machine, so she asks you to step in and help repair this machine. Merneith hands you these instructions as the first step to fixing it.

She also tells you that the Leaf Color Changing machine takes energy from four different sources, which you see at the top of the diagram on the right. It funnels the energy into the machine itself, which is represented by the oval at the bottom of that diagram. There are a bunch of numbered wires and power nodes that need to be fit together, but some of them (those with the question marks) are burned out and need to be replaced. Can you replace them with the correctly numbered wires and nodes to get the energy flowing properly? You find some cryptic instructions, pictured here on the left side of the page, that may help you in your quest.

Can you follow the steps and help bring autumn back to Silverquicken?

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