Week 20 - Solution: Same Wavelength (Puzzle 2 of 4 in this series)

So what kind of equations could these be? You notice that the square shape either points up or down, and when it points down the number of jagged peaks after it is less than the ones before it. You also notice that there are always jagged peaks after the “M” shape. So it is possible that the square shape is a plus (+) or minus (-) symbol? And would the “M” shape be an equal sign (=)? 

Let’s pretend that’s true and test it out! (This is practicing our See - Wonder - Pretend - Test method of puzzle solving.)

So for the first wavelength, it would be: 1 jagged peak + 2 jagged peaks = 3 jagged peaks. It works!

For the second wavelength, it’s: 6 jagged peaks - 4 jagged peaks = 2 jagged peaks. Again, it works!

Using this method, the third wavelength is 2 + 3 = 5, and the fourth wavelength is 4 - 2 = 2. 

So which two wavelengths match? That’s right--#2 and #4. They both have a value of 2!

You press the buttons and the system powers right up. Way to go--you’re getting closer to restoring the Leaf Color Changing Machine. Thank you!

So now that it’s powered up, what’s next? How do you log in???

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