Week 21 - Solution: Name That Password! (Puzzle 3 of 4 in this series)

So if +0 means “no change” to the letter in the column, the first letter stays “B”. If +1 means “go forward one letter”, then the second letter becomes “E”, right? The next column in which there’s a letter has a +3 column header, which means “go forward 3 letters”, so the “H” becomes a “K”.

Using this methodology for the rest of the matrix gives you the following quote:


But who said it? A quick google search tells you that it was said by the Dalai Lama.

So that’s the password to the Leaf Color Changing Machine! You quickly enter it, but are stopped by the AI interface that doesn’t recognize you… check back tomorrow for the challenge it puts in front of you. Will this be your last hurdle to fixing the machine??? Let’s hope so, and that you’ll be able to restore fall to the Silverquicken world!

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