Week 22 - Solution: Chess CAPTCHA (Puzzle 4 of 4 in this series)

After reviewing the hint, you knew the first and last letters in the box, but worried you wouldn't be able to figure out the other letters. However, you quickly try a few patterns and get the second and third letters in the box... "A-W-A - __ - __ - N". With a few more tries you get it... the word is AWAKEN. 

And that's exactly what happens... your solution Awakens the Leaf Color Changing Machine! 

You've done it! You've fixed the machine and restored autumn in the Silverquicken world! Merneith rushes in and thanks you profusely. (Meanwhile, she is still working on the Weather server, but your fix of the Leaf Color Changing Machine actually buys her some time to continue to work on that.)

Thanks for helping out here at Silverquicken. We appreciate your help on this quest and look forward to seeing you again on another one in the future!

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