Week 4 - Hint: The Skeleton

Jonathan's back with some more advice about how to solve this week's puzzle, The Skeleton. (If you want to re-watch the tutorial on how to approach Nonograms or Picross puzzles, you can watch the video or see the written tutorial notes from earlier this week.)

If you're ready for the hint, watch the video!

And think about this: You might notice that the number 18 recurs often, usually as a row label. If you count, you’ll find that there are only 18 possible spaces in each row, so it must be the case in those rows that every cell is shaded in. That narrows things down a lot! Next, turn your attention to the columns. What can you deduce at this point? The art of solving a Nonogram puzzle is about using one clue at a time to get a bit closer to the reveal. Often that means switching your attention from the rows to the columns and back again.

Hope this helps. Happy solving!

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