Week 5 - Puzzle: The Creased Parchment

We're back in the Silverquicken School library, and one of the students has come to speak with the school librarian. While she's waiting in his office, she notices 

several thin pieces of parchment lying about his desk, with a strange writing on them. One of these pieces was even taped to the window.

One piece of parchment in particular caught her attention, because its letters pointed in various directions. The student noticed slight creases in the parchment, but otherwise no clues as to what it meant.

Can you figure out the riddle of the creased parchment?

Click here to download and print a copy. (It's OK if you can't print it on thin parchment--most of us don't have that lying around! Regular paper should work just fine.)

And you can watch Jonathan's video for even more information about this puzzle:

As always, please email us at puzzle@silverquicken.com when you solve this one. And if you need a hint, check back on Saturday!

Happy solving!

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