Week 6 - Solution: The Puzzle of Disorientation

As you may remember from last week, Sofia Rodriguez received a strange and "disorienting" postcard in the mail, and we've been trying to help her figure out what it means. Watch as BJK GOAT tackles the puzzle and ultimately figure out how to reorient and make meaning out of these strange shapes and boxes!  If you're still working on it, STOP HERE! Spoiler Alert: We WILL discuss the solution to the puzzle in this post, so if you don't want to see it now, come back later!

As usual, BJK GOAT starts by talking about what he notices--he sees right away that one of the shapes looks like his home state of New Jersey, only sideways. And he recognizes New York, Massachusetts, and a few others. He also realizes that these are several of the 13 original colonies, which may be the reason for this exact number of shapes. Hmmm... watch here to see how he solves the rest of the puzzle!

If you want to download the solution, you can click here:

So what did you think of this one? Send us an email at puzzle@silverquicken.com and let us know! 

SQ Pow #7 launches tomorrow, so be sure to check that out too! Until next time, happy puzzling!

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