Week 7 - Puzzle: Snakes & Numbers

The Silverquicken students return to school, eager to check on the progress of their Amorpheggs. (You can learn more about what Amorpheggs are in the course, but they are very special to any new SQ student!) When the students get to the stables, they discover that a new lock has been placed on the lockers where the eggs have been stored. They don't have the combination, and no one else is around. The only clue they see is a note that says, "SILVER + COPPER = LOCKERS" followed by the code 758624.

Can you help them figure out the numeric code based on this note? You can download and print it if that is helpful...

Watch the full video here to learn more:

We'll be back on Saturday with a hint, but give it a try before then. Let us know if you're able to unlock the Amorpheggs by emailing us at puzzle@silverquicken.com.


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