Week 7 - Solution: Snake & Numbers

The Silverquicken students had to work fast to figure out the new locker combination, as they were eager to check on the progress of their Amorpheggs! (You can learn more about Amorpheggs in the Silverquicken courses, but they are special eggs that hatch into different creatures for every Silverquicken student...)

Watch as BJK GOAT attacks this puzzle and figures out the new locker combination, to help the students get to their eggs! If you're still working on it, STOP HERE! Spoiler Alert: We WILL discuss the solution to the puzzle in this post, so if you don't want to see it now, come back later!

And here's the solution if you want to download and print it out!

Hope you had fun with this one (even though it's a math problem, and it's summertime!). Can't wait to see you tomorrow for our next puzzle!

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