Week 8 - Solution: The Scrambled Squares

When BJK GOAT first saw this week's puzzle, he said it looked like a jigsaw puzzle. And he was right--sort of! It's a physical puzzle, and your job is to un-scramble The Scrambled Squares. But because there are no colors and no differences in shapes, it was a bit harder than he expected! 

Still, in listening to Sam's hint, he realized that he could still categorize certain pieces... those with words cut off at the bottom, those with space on the right of left, etc. So he set to work and ultimately solved the mystery of The Scrambled Squares! Watch to see his thought process, and please share yours at puzzle@silverquicken.com! 

And in case you just want to jump to the solution, here it is for download!

Hope you had fun with this one. Stay tuned tomorrow for a completely different type of puzzle!

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