Unlock a World of Wonder

Every Child’s Learning Should Be

fun & transformative

Don’t let standards, tests, and grades distract from the joys and benefits of pure learning!

We make learning fun, wondrous, and transformative for your 3rd through 8th grader.


Silverquicken’s rigorous educational activities are set within a fantastic story.

Students are guided through a mysterious and magical world by diverse and relatable characters.


the result:

Kids are highly motivated to tackle mental challenges that encourage intellectual exploration and productive struggle.


silverquicken makes problem solving

feel like play

Whether it’s helping the Silverquicken characters break out of the locked-down library, driving a mortal threat out of the Silverquicken world, or preventing aquatic monsters from destroying an underwater village, Solvers apply new learning to save the day—and keep the world safe!

Silverquicken awakens curiosity and exposes kids to subjects, topics, and problem-solving approaches they won't get anywhere else. Here's a taste of what they'll explore:

Analytical Thinking, Empathetic Leadership, Game Theory, Philosophy, Cryptography, Steganography

A group of carefully selected 12 and 13 year-olds begin their first year at the secret Silverquicken School…where technology works like magic, puzzles unlock mysteries, and danger lurks within.

Three teachers claim to be the school’s director, several people are not who they say they are, and one of the students may unknowingly be a spy for the school’s archnemesis...who is seeking to steal the very essence of Silverquicken.

Can the group band together to destroy the enemy and save the school – and ultimately the world – from potential destruction?

Our ten heroes come from all different geographies and walks of life. They have different interests, skills, and strengths. They approach challenges from different angles and use varied problem-solving strategies. Yet they were all selected for a reason greater than their individual strengths and unique abilities. What bonds them together, and why are they critical to saving the Silverquicken world?

Silverquicken products and enrichment programs have been meticulously designed by our team of experts with decades of experience across a variety of education settings as teachers, after-school providers, curriculum developers, and more.


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Going to NAGC? Check out Silverquicken’s workshop on the “Power of Puzzles!”

Friday, November 18 at 1:15pm

Listen to Silverquicken founders Chris Ryan and Leslie Kerner featured in the “Trending in Education” podcast.

"I really liked Silverquicken. It made me feel like I was a detective solving puzzles, just like Sherlock Holmes."
Mikey, age 10
"The story is hitting all the right buttons for her: magic, friendship, puzzles, intrigue...and I love that it's introducing her to so many interesting concepts in a low-pressure way."
Aurelia's mom
"Silverquicken is a unique educational program that is geared to excite kids and push their problem solving and creative thinking skills."
Doug Norry, Head of School at Triangle Day School
“He came home very excited about figuring out the puzzle on the bookmark!”
Ethan’s mom
“Will you be sure to tell my mom when the Silverquicken book comes out, because I want to read it!”
- Daphne, age 9
“He came home very excited about figuring out the puzzle on the bookmark!”
Ethan’s mom