What Makes Silverquicken Courses Special?

Silverquicken Education provides immersive, imaginative courses for pre-teens, challenging them to solve puzzles and grapple with big issues. We're looking to awaken curiosity, analytical thinking and empathetic leadership in every middle-school student we can reach.

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Our program is based on three components: a Story, a Kit, and a Course

 A Story An adventure/mystery narrative that underpins everything. This is the immersive world of the secret "Silverquicken School of Arts Mysteries Magicks & Sciences." The narrative revolves around ten diverse pre-teen heroes, from different walks of life across the country, who confront ever-escalating puzzles, problems, and dangers. They must work together to solve mysteries, fight evil, and ultimately protect the school and our very republic.
Materials that make the story come to life. Students receive packages in the mail containing high-quality materials that help illustrate concepts outlined in the story. For instance, a hardwood cipher wheel, handmade wooden dice with special mathematical properties, a leather-bound journal with handmade paper into which to glue the story pages, which come wax-sealed and stamped. A Kit
A Course A once/week live session that brings it all together. Meets every week online for 8 weeks, the course is fun and mind-blowing. It involves cool concepts often ignored in K-12 education (e.g., cryptography, game theory, unsolved math mysteries, epistemology, etc.). Importantly, these concepts are woven into the story, so students are solving the same ciphers as the fictional kids. The course also introduces experiences and activities that are new to many middle school kids, such as exploration of voting systems and conflict resolution exercises.

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