Silverquicken Solvers Club at CES


Do you love puzzles, stories, games, and mysteries? In this club students will embark on a journey with the characters of the fictional Silverquicken School of Arts, Mysteries, Magicks, and Sciences. Explore the story of ten special kids from across the country who, like you, need to decode ciphers, crack codes, and solve puzzles to help save the school and keep the world safe!

Led by CES staff member, Sam Nguyen (with guest teacher, Silverquicken co-founder and Carrboro resident, Chris Ryan).

Silverquicken Solvers Club is a 6-week class that will run on Thursdays from March 3 through April 14. (No class during spring break week.)

All after-school clubs follow CES school safety protocols, including but not limited to masks and social distancing.

CES families are also invited to use discount code 15OFFCES for 15% off if they register students or siblings for additional Silverquicken programs such as the Quest Club or Course 1: A School of Mysteries. Discount applicable to the first purchase for each student/sibling.

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