Silverquicken Course 1: A School of Mysteries (Fall 2021)

Silverquicken Course 1: A School of Mysteries (Fall 2021)

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A secret school. And a threat of danger. Do you have the courage to enroll?

Only brave students will enroll in the Silverquicken School, the secret academy that awakens curiosity and strengthens character.  Started in 1789 by Benjamin Franklin, the School has always searched for the best among our youth, teaching them forgotten arts and fascinating sciences, uniting them to fight the never-ending battle for the ideals of this country.

Course 1 follows the fictional, gradually unfolding story of 10 Silverquicken students who unravel a series of mysteries and learn about forces seeking to destroy their community and nation. Week to week, cliffhanger to cliffhanger, we face the same problems and challenges as the fictional students.

Working together, the real Silverquicken students (i.e., your kids!) become a close-knit team mastering brand-new subjects, uncovering truth and fighting for what is right in a world that isn’t always so clearly on the side of justice.

Download the Puzzle of Invitation for your child. If the puzzle sparks interest, this course will likely be a good fit.

Course Information

Schedules (select using the dropdown above) - All skip Thanksgiving week

Mondays, October 11th - December 6th, 4–5pm ET
Tuesdays, October 12th - December 7th, 5-6pm ET
Tuesdays, October 12th - December 7th, 6:30–7:30pm ET
Saturdays, October 16th - December 11th, 11-12
pm ET

Course Details

The course lasts 8 weeks, with weekly 1-hour meetings online of under 20 students each, led by two highly-qualified teachers. 

Physical kits are sent to each student's home, containing beautiful materials such as a journal, a cipher wheel carved in hardwood, secret documents sealed in wax, etc. These materials are accompanied by detailed, standards-based instructional guides.

The course is highly interdisciplinary, touching on such topics as the history and practice of cryptography, the art of rhetoric, ancient languages, logical argumentation and common fallacies, social psychology, mathematical non-transitivity and non-commutativity, and the art and craft of writing physical letters, to name a few. 

Between live sessions, students continue to work to solve the Silverquicken story's mysteries. Daily suggested assignments are provided. Work takes anywhere from 1-3 hours per week depending on time and interest of each student. The course culminates with both collective and individual achievement, as well as reflections to identify newly awakened interests and avenues for further exploration. 

Students receive two months (8 weeks) of kit materials, weekly teacher-led classes, and unique STEAM and humanities content around an original narrative. Scholarships are available as necessary.