Real Learning. With Magic Inside.

magical learning

delivered monthly

Silverquicken Quest Club provides members with hands-on materials kits and new “quests” for them to solve every month.

It’s at-home enrichment that your 3rd through 8th grader can’t wait to get home to.

How does silverquicken quest club work?

become a member

Your child's journey into the world of Silverquicken begins with a subscription to one of our membership plans, or when they receive a membership as a gift.

receive a box of wonders

The Quest Club welcome kit—our Box of Wonders™—arrives within two weeks of signing up for membership. The kit contains high-quality materials and supplies that will orient members to Silverquicken and provide key resources they’ll need in order to solve each monthly quest.

tackle monthly quests

Each month members will receive a package that contains a brand new adventure! A set of wax-sealed packages will lead them from clue to clue on their quest to solve each month’s mystery.

become part of the story

Whether it’s helping the Silverquicken characters break out of the locked-down library, driving a mortal threat out of the Silverquicken world, or preventing aquatic monsters from destroying an underwater village, members learn to apply new skills to save the day—and keep the world safe!

get hints, help, and solutions

Each quest has two levels of hints built in for each puzzle. If your child needs more help, they can send an email to our “Hint Hotline” where they can request extra help. Every puzzle has a sealed solution that they can open, and each month members can tune in to a "Solver Session" to watch one of their peers demonstrate how they went about discovering the solution.


membership plans & pricing

Monthly Plan

Plan renews every month for an additional month.
$ 31
per month
  • Free Shipping!

3 Month Plan

Plan renews every 3 months for an additional 3 months.
$ 29
per month
  • Free Shipping!

6 Month Plan

Plan renews every 6 months for an additional 6 months.
$ 27
per month
  • Free Shipping!

Annual Plan

Plan renews every year for an additional year.
$ 25
per month
  • Free Shipping!

test a Quest (or two)

Get a taste of Silverquicken Quest Club in action! Download puzzles from two of our recent Quests for your aspiring Solver to try at home.


While searching for a mysterious intruder in the Silverquicken world, you and your friends are pulled through a strange portal into an alternate reality. You encounter giant spiders and other mythical beasts, and find that solving puzzles like these may be your only way out!

The Labyrinth

Still on the hunt for the intruder, you descend into the maze beneath the Silverquicken School. You must figure out how to navigate a forest of strange, magical trees and a field of sinkholes to get through the labyrinth and help solve the mystery!

SEE silverquicken solvers In Action

Silverquicken “Solver Sessions” show members tackling some of the trickiest puzzles from each month’s Quest, and demonstrate how they came up with their solutions.

Download Sample Quests