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Real Education. With Magic Inside.

Silverquicken's revolutionary education program captures the attention—and imagination—of your middle schooler through a progression of truly unique lessons and activities. Kids flex their curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking as they collectively solve novel problems, puzzle over age-old riddles, and ultimately unravel a mystery in this modern-day adventure steeped in historical fiction.

Silverquicken combined learning and fun to make a class that was different from anything else I had ever participated in. I would strongly recommend it to anyone who like puzzles, learning new things, and having fun!”

Evan, Age 12

This course has taught me about things I didn’t even know existed, but at the time it doesn’t even feel like you’re learning—it just feels fun.”

Joey, Age 12

You get to meet kids from all over the country. The teachers are kind and encouraging, the environment is really positive, and people are always building each other up. And we get to learn in a really fun way!”

Rosemary, Age 11

Why Silverquicken Works

Critical Concepts 

Students explore standards-based concepts in math, literature, writing, social studies, and science that are often left out of traditional school curricula.

Engaging Format

Learning is delivered through the right combination of live sessions with seasoned teachers, self-directed projects, and collaborative teamwork with peers and moderators.

Magical Results

Kids build confidence and hone real-world critical thinking and problem-solving skills. They get so lost in the story that they forget it’s educational. Shhhh… don’t remind them!

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The future of the Republic is at stake, and only the students of the Silverquicken School have the ingenuity to save it. Join us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if Silverquicken is right for my child?

Your middle-schooler should be excited about decoding ciphers, solving puzzles, and becoming immersed in a fantastic story. They should also be comfortable with on- and offline collaboration. Download the Puzzle of Invitation. If your child is excited to tackle puzzles like this one, they will likely be a great fit. No worries if it’s unfamiliar, or if they’re slightly confused or intimidated—as long as they’re intrigued.

How long is the course?

The course runs for 10 weeks, with weekly 1-hour meetings online of under 20 students each, led by two highly-qualified teachers.

Is this just another online course?

No! It's actually a "hybrid" course, which provides a kit of physical materials along with online interactions to engage your child. Silverquicken has been designed to immerse your child in an engaging narrative that requires both independent work and synchronous and asynchronous teamwork. Our team of educators has created a story that kids connect with and want to learn more about... even in their own time!

Does my child need special equipment to participate?

Nope, just an open mind and willingness to learn and have fun! They will also need a computer, wi-fi connection, and headphones or a quiet place for the weekly calls.